Here are frames of some of the parts I've worked on.

Full credits for the project:
Concept, Design & Direction by Art&Graft
Creative Directors:
Mike Moloney (Art&Graft)
Michael Ouweleen (Cartoon Network)
Jacob Escobedo (Cartoon Network)
Lead Creative:
William Mercer (Art&Graft)
Beth McQueen (Art&Graft)
Susan Shipsky (Cartoon Network)
Lead Designers / Animators:
Martin Salfity (Art&Graft)
Clement Bolla (Art&Graft)
Stephen Middleton (Art&Graft)
Jim Wheeler (Art&Graft)
Animators working as part of the in-house team at Art&Graft: Martin Aggerholm, Jason Drew, Carlos de Faria, James Hatley, Jamie Hoy, Sebastian Livingston, Sam Munnings, Marcos Savignano, Joseph Winston. 
Music & Sound Design: Bluetube 

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